The International Centre for Knowledge in the arts has taken over the job of managing KUV (artistic development activity) funds. This year, the deadline for applications is 23 October 2020.


The Centre is available as a sounding board and can provide assistance with the completion of forms and writing of applications for staff in all institutions who are applying for funding in this autumn’s application round. The institutes themselves will provide advice on the specific academic content of the projects. The Centre will then be available to advise on the overall format of an application, formal requirements and clarity, and the interdisciplinary aspects and opportunities vis-à-vis artistic development activity.


Feel free to contact Associate Professor Maibritt Borgen, PhD at the Centre for Artistic Knowledge and Development at maibritt.borgen@kunstakademiet.dk to set up a meeting on Wednesday – Friday between 9.00 am and 12.00 noon – either physically or on Zoom, any time between now and the application deadline.


If we are to provide the best possible advice on an individual application, the following issues are important:

–          You must send in the application the day before, so there is time to read it thoroughly.

–          The application must be inserted into the application form so we can discuss the individual points. Individual appendices (budget, schedule etc.) must be attached as PDF files, if the applicant also requires feedback on them.

–          Budgets should be as detailed as possible.



It is still the KUV committee appointed by the Ministry of Culture that distributes the funds in the pool. The Knowledge Center secretariat serves the committee.


Application deadline 23.20, 2020. E-mail to: kuv.vindenscenter@kunstakademiet.dk


Link to application: https://kum.dk/kulturomraader/uddannelse-og-folkeoplysning/uddannelse/pulje-til-kunstnerisk-udviklingsvirksomhed


Members of the committee:

Ole Lutzow Holm
Formand, professor, Göteborg Universitet, Högskolan för scen och musik Læs CV på Göteborg Universitet

Frederik Tygstrup
Professor, viceinstitutleder ved Institut for Kunst og Kulturvidenskab, Københavns Universitet  Læs CV på København Universitet

Cecilia Roos 
Professor i konstnärlig praktik, Vicerektor forskning vid Stockholms konstnärliga högskola/ Stockholm University of The Arts Læs CV på Stockholm University of The Arts

Cecilie Semec 
Hovedlærer i foto på Den Norske Filmskole og stipendiat i det norske KUV- stipendieprogram Læs CV på Højskolen i Lillehammer