About The International Center for Knowledge in the Arts

The International Center for  Knowledge in the Arts cuts across disciplines and institutions in the arts in order to promote and facilitate artistic research and development.

The International Center for Knowledge in the Arts was founded in October 2019 as a cross-institutional entity by the Danish institutions of higher arts education and anchored at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen. It is a place where the common interests of the disciplines of fine arts, film, music and performing arts come together and where current issues relating to artistic research and transdisciplinary knowledge creation are put up for debate.

In the meeting between forms of knowledge from the National Film School of Denmark, the Danish National School of Performing Arts, The Royal Academy of Music, Danish National Academy of Music, The Royal Danish Academy of Music, The Rhythmic Music Conservatory and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, the center seeks to develop a transversal environment in which groundbreaking artistic knowledge can emerge. The center’s goals are therefore to find a common language for artistic development and research across art forms and traditions, as well as to contribute to its critical contextualization, impact and visibility.


In its first phase, the center works to map the institutions’ artistic research / development understanding and to arrange joint seminars and workshops for knowledge sharing and quality assurance. In the long run, the center also contributes insights into what a so-called “3rd Cycle” training course can look like within Artistic Research, similar to the international development in the field. As an example, it can be mentioned that PhD and Post-doc positions already exist at the Academy of Fine Art’s Schools of Visual Arts, which take place in collaboration with external universities and foundations. Here, artists research with their own artistic practice as their main method.


Artistic Research “KUV-Fund”

In the autumn of 2020, the Center took over the work of managing the “KUV-Fund”, the funds that the Danish Ministry of Culture has set aside for artistic development activities (in Danish “Kunstnerisk udviklingsvirksomhed”). It is an activity of artistic research which in the higher artistic educations is an important part of the knowledge base, and which gives employees the opportunity to further develop their own practice and thereby develop new artistic knowledge about a given field. This often experimental and open exploration of the artistic practice helps to upskill the individual artist’s and / or researcher’s practice, and will thus also strengthen the respective educations, institutions and art forms. KUV focuses on artistic practice as a knowledge-producing action that stems from the artist’s own artistic commitment and contributes to the further development of a common knowledge base.

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The participating institutions are:
The Royal Danish Academy of Music
Rhythmic Music Conservatory
The Royal Academy of Music
Danish National Academy of Music
National Film School of Denmark
The Danish National School of Performing Arts
The Royal Danish Academy of Arts.


Professor of Artistic Research/ Kristoffer Gansing
Center coordinator/ Christina Marie Jespersen
Artistic Research (KUV) coordinator / Maibritt Borgen
Project coordinator Enhanced Practice / Annemette Friis


Contact: info@artisticresearch.dk