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About The International Center for Knowledge in the Arts

The International Center for Knowledge in the Arts is not active due to a grant expiry on December 31, 2022. Professor Kristoffer Gansing has resigned from his position on August 31, 2023.

Please direct inquiries to the respective artistic educations’ KUV coordinators, who can be found on the educations’ own websites, please see links below.

Inquiries regarding this year’s (2023) KUV pool should be directed to Pernille Skov, Center for Applied Artistic Innovation (CAKI): pernille@caki.dk

The International Center for Knowledge in the Arts works across higher artistic education with the aim of enhancing and promoting knowledge building in and through artistic practice

The International Center for Knowledge in the Arts is a joint knowledge centre for the seven Danish institutions of artistic higher education who operate under Ministry of Culture Denmark, and is physically based at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. The work of the Center is centred around Artistic Research, which is a key element of the schools’ knowledge base, and which enables the professional artistic staff to explore new ways of knowledge building on the basis of artistic practice. The objectives of the Center are: to find a common Artistic Research language across artistic genres and traditions; to establish a common framework and resources for quality assurance and knowledge sharing in Artistic Research projects; to engage in international dialogue within the field; and to share the results with a wider public.

Activities and tasks

The International Center for Knowledge in the Arts conducts activities and develops a common framework for Artistic Research in higher artistic education, with the aim of supporting both the individual projects and the environment in general, and making the field visible to the outside world. This involves: a continuous programme of lectures, workshops and seminars; knowledge sharing in publications, event documentation and the website; and instructive activities related to applications and individual projects.
In autumn 2020, the Center assumed the role of administrator of the Artistic Research Funding Programme (KUV-Puljen) – the funds that Ministry of Culture Denmark has allocated for Artistic Research in programmes of higher artistic education since 2013. Teachers on the various programmes can apply for funding once a year. The projects are documented on an on-going basis in our Artistic Research Archive, which you can explore on this page. Read more about Artistic Research, the Funding Programme and the Archive here.

The Center’s programme of activities features Artistic Research presentations, workshops and other events, both internal and external. You can read more about the our events here.

The History and Form of the Organisation

The Center was founded in 2019 as an interdisciplinary initiative by the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (Schools of Visual Arts), the National Film School of Denmark, the Danish National School of Performing Arts, the Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg, the Danish National Academy of Music and the Rhythmic Music Conservatory. A professor is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Center, which works under the aegis of Ministry of Culture Denmark’s Rectors (KUR) which is the Center’s overall strategic Steering Committee. A working group consisting of the individual schools’ own Artistic Research coordinators is responsible for anchoring the work in the different educational environments.

Participating institutions

The Royal Danish Academy of Music

The Rhythmic Music Conservatory

The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg

The Danish National Academy of Music

The National Film School of Denmark

The Danish National School of Performing Arts

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Visual Arts


Kristoffer Gansing / Professor of Artistic Research and director of the center

Earlier employees:
Christina Marie Jespersen / Center Coordinator
Gro Sarauw / Program manager Enhanced Practice and project manager Center events
Annemette Friis / Coordinator Enhanced Practice & KUV-Puljen
Maibritt Borgen / Research coordinator, KUV-Puljen
Sara Krøgholt Trier / Student assistant
Mikkeline Lerche Daa Natorp / Student assistant

Enquiries: info@artisticresearch.dk

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