Core Team

Core Team

A professor heads the daily work of the centre which operates under the aegis of Ministry of Culture Denmark’s Rectors (KUR) which is the Center’s overall strategic Steering Committee. A working group consisting of the individual schools’ own Artistic Research coordinators is responsible for anchoring the work in the different educational environments.

Kristoffer Gansing
Professor of Artistic Research
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Kristoffer Gansing is professor of Artistic Research and director of the International Center for Knowledge in the Arts. At the center, he is responsible for developing the overall strategy and main programme strands and for curating their content in collaboration with the center team. He works closely with the rectors of the Danish Art Schools and the center’s working group to ensure that the activities are anchored in all the artistic disciplines. 

Previously, Gansing was artistic director of the transdisciplinary and world-renowned art and culture festival, transmediale, in Berlin, directing nine editions from 2012 to 2020. Through his research, curatorial activity and writing, Gansing develops transversal and post-digital perspectives and methodologies, that aims to both situate and transform cultural practices. He is particularly interested in moving beyond representational forms in favour of a humble epistemology of agency and socio-cultural change through artistic practice as a form of situated, enacted and performative knowledge.

Intersecting art, research and media technology, Gansing’s writing has often taken the form of critical interrogations of art and technology from a post-digital perspective where digitisation has become part of everyday life. His PhD Transversal Media Practices (2013), included two practice-based case-studies on how media archaeological art practices reconfigure linear conceptions of technological development and was published by Malmö University Press in 2013. With Ryan Bishop, Jussi Parikka and Elvia Wilk he edited across & beyond – a transmediale reader on Post-digital Practices, Concepts, and Institutions published by Sternberg Press in 2016. His latest publication is The Eternal Network – The Ends and Becomings of Network Culture (INC, 2020).

His current research focuses on the techno-aesthetics of infrastructure, especially in audiovisual network culture and artistic research.
View further bio details and list of publications at ORCID.

Christina Marie Jespersen
Center Coordinator

Christina Marie Jespersen is coordinator for the Center and artistic researcher. At the Center she develops and runs the program activities in collaboration with the professor, including development of strategies for knowledge sharing, publishing, curation, communication and procedures for quality assurance. She works closely with the Center’s working group.

In addition, Jespersen carries out the artistic research project Books (art)work and materiality (part I & II) in which she uses a practice-based approach to investigate the relationship between the book and the artwork. The project is focused on how knowledge sharing and working processes are both discursive and materially-based, and through conseptualisation and dialogue with the material can provide new possibilities for artistic expression and formats. The project also looks at the role of writing in research-based practice as well as examines the boundaries between the book and the artwork.

The project is related both to Jespersen’s work at the Center and to her position as editor-in-chief at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Publishing. The relation between language and art has for several years been central to her practice, which includes film, performance, sculpture, book production, teaching, and often unfolds as collaborations across disciplines and other categories.

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