Artistic Research Funding Programme (KUV-Puljen)

The International Center for Knowledge in the Arts administers and coordinates the Artistic Research Funding Programme – the funding allocated by Ministry of Culture Denmark for Artistic Research. Institutions of higher education that operate under the aegis of Ministry of Culture Denmark and are financed mainly by Ministry of Culture Denmark, can apply for funding. The funding programme has existed since 2013. Each year, it awards approximately DKK 7.5 million to the various institutions for Artistic Research. In order to apply for funding, the project manager must be permanently attached to the institution that is making the application.

Funding can be applied for once a year (in the autumn). The 2022 application deadline is October 21, 2022 (for projects to be conducted starting in 2023).
Applications should be sent to:

Awarded Grants and Guidelines

You will find guidelines here and an application form here.

For a more detailed description of previous and on-going Artistic Research projects, visit our Artistic Research Archive.
Also see the Ministry of Culture Denmark website.

Application Procedure

The Center serves as a sounding board and provides guidance for employees at all institutions on the formal application issues in the context of the application round. The institutions provide their own advice on the specific disciplinary content of the projects. The Center can then provide advice on the overall structure, formal requirements and clarity of applications, and the interdisciplinary aspects and options within the field of Artistic Research.

You can contact the center at to ask questions about the application and/or set up a meeting – either physically or on zoom.

The Artistic Research Committee
This is an independent committee appointed by Ministry of Culture Denmark to assess applications and to award the funds available in the funding programme. The Center assists the committee with this work at an administrative level.

The members of the committee are:

Ole Lutzow Holm

Chair. Professor, University of Gothenburg, Academy of music and drama. See his profile on University of Gothenburg.

Cecilia Roos

Professor of Artistic Practices, Vice-rector of Research, Stockholm University of the Arts. View her profile on Stockholm University of Arts.

Frederik Tygstrup

Professor and Deputy Head of Department at the University of Copenhagen’s Department of Arts and Cultural Studies. View his profile on University of Copenhagen.

Cecilie Semec

Principal Lecturer in Photography at The Norwegian Film School and Research Fellow in the Norwegian Artistic Research scholarship program. View her profile at the Norwegian Film School