Enhanced Practice Participants 2021-22

Enhanced Practice Participants 2021-22

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Ditte Tygesen & Mikkel Rostrup
GRIF is a Copenhagen based scenographer duo. The mission of GRIF is to expand artistic approaches, methods and forms of collaboration in the field of scenography.

GRIF investigates known and yet-to-be-known ways in which a scenographer enters a dialogue and develops artistic material in performing arts, both in the relationship between scenographer-to-scenographer as well as scenographer-to-theater.

GRIF is formed by Scenographer and costume designer Ditte Marie Walter Tygesen & Scenographer and architect Mikkel Sebastian Rostrup.

Josefine Opsahl
Josefine Opsahl is a remarkable artist and composer who connects music, art, performance and spaces in her works. She extends her classical musical training, knowledge of its history, perception of art and self into different new medias of expression. At the core of her work lies a strong will for using her art to examining and rising ethical and social questions as also shows in her effort to share her thoughts and music across cultural and societal structures. With a liberating openness to sounds, genre, the use of electronics and her main instrument the cello Josefine’s works unfold in the intersection between tradition and renewal, expertise and intuition, the score and the improvised in a search for where musical expression, art, society and we ourselves are headed as beings and creators. She studied classical and contemporary cello playing at the Royal Danish Academy of Music (DK) and Northwestern University (IL, USA) and holds an Advanced Postgraduate Soloist degree within Contemporary Creative Art from University of Southern Denmark.

Katrine Grarup Elbo
Katrine Grarup Elbo is a violinist, performer, and composer based between Berlin and Copenhagen. Her work often combines improvisation, composition, performance, and installation. She trained as a classical violinist at The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen and gave her solo debut at Castello del Valentino in Turin, Italy in 2018. Her debut album Fold Unfold was released by the Berlin based label Sonic Pieces in 2021. Katrine is a founder and core member of Danish sound collective We like We (f. 2012), Berlin based string ensemble toechter, and performance duo La Mia Bella Sorella together with soloist of the Royal Danish Ballet, Astrid Grarup Elbo. She is also a graduate from the Contemporary Creative Artist Soloist programme at the Danish National Academy of Music.

Lara Vejrup Ostan
Lara Vejrup Ostan is a freelance dancer and choreographer. In her work she investigates the relation between somatic processes and meaning-making. Within her practice she focuses on navigating the precarious field of contemporary dance, using other mediums than the body, such as film and text, to host and carry, or be moulded by the logics of dancing. Her primary training is within the sphere of improvisational techniques. Thematically she is interested in the mundane, redundant, care and developing an expanded perception of touch. She is currently a student of Body-Mind Centering®, a practice of embodied anatomy developed from neurodevelopmental therapy and holds a BA in Dance & Choreography from the Danish National School of Performing Arts.

Laurits Malthe Gulløv
In his artistic practice Laurits Gulløv works with installations spanning across graphic, video and sculpture – the latter often with a fondness for industrial materials such as silicone and aluminium. Thematically, Gulløv’s work revolves around establishing speculative connections between seemingly disconnected phenomena in the world. These connections can vary from objects, system of thoughts, geological processes or technologies from widely different time periods and geographical contexts, which nonetheless can be said to be connected to each other aesthetically, thematically or logically. Through a free associative gaze these connections are seen as prisms that produce alternative aspects and notions of humanity’s place in a hyper-technological world. Laurits graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, Schools of Visual Art in 2021.

Nanna Katrine Hansen
Nanna Katrine Hansen is an artist and filmmaker based in Copenhagen, whose practice often focuses on questions related to politics of feminism and migration. These questions are mostly researched through collective and collaborative process of video and sound production. She is a member and has been part of founding the Bridge Radio Collective who make radio and sound about people’s movements, migrant struggles and freedom of movement. She recently graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts where she was studying at the Media Art School with professors Angela Melitopoulos and Jane Jin Kaisen.

Laurits Jongejan
Laurits Esben Jongejan is a composer and sound artist. He works within the fields of installation art, electronic music, video art and theater. A recurring theme in his work both as a composer and visual artist is the relation between technology and humans. This is often presented as scenarios where the human interaction with the machine is somewhat ambiguous and enigmatic. His works have been exhibited, among other places at SMK, Glyptoteket and Kunsthal Aarhus, and he has multiple releases at Help Recordings and Regelbau. Laurits has a Master’s degree in electronic music from The Royal Academy of Music Denmark, DIEM.

Liv Vester Larsen
Liv Vester Larsen is a violinist, vocalist, composer and podcast producer. Her current cross-disciplinary artistic hybrid-project “Creative – without Nature?” explores whether one can create and be creative without access to nature. In the project, Liv collaborates with visual artist My Lambertsen / SLØR Visual Performances, electronic composer Sofie Birch, the vocal group HØST, electronic musician Marijke Maes, dancer Karoline Wojtowicz and author Sanne Flyvbjerg. The project is also a podcast where Liv in conversation with artists from Denmark and abroad talk about their creativity in and outside nature. Liv is a trained violinist from the Danish National Academy of Music and a graduate from the Contemporary Creative Artist Soloist programme (CCA). She has more than fifteen years of experience as a freelance and theater-musician in Denmark as well as the rest of Scandinavia, Europe and US. She has participated in radio and TV productions for DR and TV2 and contributed to more than ten releases. Liv works widely with different genres and interdisciplinary in her own practice and teaches violin and entrepreneurship at the Danish National Academy of Music.

Marina Dubia
Marina Dubia (1992, São Paulo/Copenhagen) is a vagabond artist at the frontiers of visual arts, dance and discourse. Her proposals seek to disrupt patterns of sociability through re-organized physical cognition, working from breaches in pre-established systems. This takes the form of gestures of intervention in transitional spaces, institutions and people, often through collaborations. Current tools of inquiry include manipulation, deformation through touch, description and peripheral thinking – always animated by a critical and joyous spirit. Marina has an MFA in Conceptual and Contextual Practices from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and was a part of PACAP 4 – Advanced Programme for Performative Arts Creation, curated by João dos Santos Martins at Fórum Dança, Lisbon. 

Morten Poulsen
Is it a sound? Is it a rhythm? Is it a texture? is it a word? Is it a context? Is it me? Morten Poulsen is fascinated by the invisible, ambiguous and intersubjective characteristics of listening and its potential to change the listener. From this perspective, he explores the interdependent ways in which we are embedded in socio-political structures, specifically in the areas of gender, power relations and the environment. Engaging with and caring for spaces and situations where listening takes place, he criticizes problematic conditions, as well as nurture ideas and positive transformations for the individual and groups at large.
Morten graduated from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in 2021.