In dialog with Bach
2019 - 2021

The artistic goal of the project is to develop six contemporary works for solo cello, which, based on each of Bach’s original suites, reflect the technical and musical diversity of the instrument and contemporary musical forms of expression. The concept of “dialogical composition” examines how the working method influences the creative process as well as the artistic result. Dialogical composition has dual significance. On the one hand it signifies a process that takes place dialogically in relation to an existing work, and on the other hand a close and equal cooperation between the performing and the creative party. The dialogical approach may also provide a possible way of exploring how the iconic Baroque works inspire or create resistance in relation to the individual composer’s musical starting point. By including composition students as well as cello students in the project, the project can gain a deep rooting in the educational environment and thus create increased awareness of how to do artistic research among the students in general.


 I dialog with Bach