Program Activities Spring 2021

24/02/2021 - 25/02/2021

Program Activities Spring 2021

It is with great pleasure that The International Center for Knowledge in the Arts invites you to the first events of its 2021 program. Both the 24th and 25th of February, provides opportunity for in-depth engagement with Artistic Research in a Danish and Nordic context. First out is Knowledge in the Arts, our new lecture series that kicks off with a discussion panel on the 24th, followed on the 25th by our first Artistic Research Forum with presentation and discussion of two completed projects realized with the support of the Danish funding program for Artistic Research (KUV-Puljen). The first event (Lecture), is open to the public while the second (Forum), is restricted to students and staff at the center institutions, although if you are interested in listening in, you can direct your request to the center. 

Please see below for program details and registration.

24.02.21, 15-17 Knowledge in the Arts #1

Panel discussion “Artistic Knowledge in Development”
With: Jacob Anderskov, Maibritt Borgen, Kristoffer Gansing, Ole Lützow-Holm, Cecilia Roos, Geir Ivar Strøm

Artistic Research in the form of artistic development work (Kunstnerisk Udviklingsvirksomhed), is a research-based artistic activity, that opens up to experimental practice, and which together with an accompanying reflection on the creative process forms part of the knowledge base at the Danish Artistic Higher Education Institutions. Against the background of this year’s awarding of the Center’s & Cultural Ministry’s grants for Artistic Research, the panelists will discuss the field’s history and current situation in Denmark, and offer comparisons to its nordic and international development. What insights have been gained about the field through the work of the funding program since it was established in 2013? How has Artistic Research as a knowledge field developed in other national contexts, for example through doctoral programs? The International Center for Knowledge in the Arts will present its program and activities, followed by a discussion with representatives from the jury of the Danish artistic research funding program. In the second part of the event, we will get a view from the practice of an artist/researcher and finally we will get an introduction to the framework of the Norwegian Program for Artistic Research, which just celebrated the successful PhD defense of its 100th doctoral candidate.

The event is held in English as a Zoom webinar and is open to the public.

(NB: the event starts at 3pm but is shown as 14.30 on the registration page)

The International Center for Knowledge in the Arts: Maibritt Borgen & Kristoffer Gansing
Rhythmic Music Conservatory/Artistic Research: Jacob Anderskov
Jury members of the Artistic Research Fund of the Cultural Ministry: Ole Lützow-Holm & Cecilia Roos
Norwegian Artistic Research Programme/Diku: Geir Ivar Strøm

About Knowledge in the Arts
In spring 2021, the International Center for Knowledge in the Arts, launches its new lecture series, ”Knowledge in the Arts”. The focus is on transdisciplinary themes and current debates in Artistic Research, both within the Center institutions and in relation to artistic research’s wider relevance in society. The lectures will mainly be given by artists with a research-oriented practice, but also by other voices, relevant to the knowledge of art. The events will be live-streamed and archived on the center’s web-page. This series features speakers and topics that will be of interest across the center’s institutions as well as for a wider public.

Preliminary further dates for spring 2021: 30.3, 25.5 (with subject to changes).

Artistic Research Forum Denmark, 25.02, kl. 15-17

With the projects “In dialog with Bach” by prof. Henrik Brendstrup, The Royal Academy of Music and “Semper Plus Ultra – Always further beyond” by Rikke Lund Heinsen, The Danish National School of Performing Arts

The Artistic Research Forum is a new initiative launched by the International Center for Knowledge in the Arts. It takes the form of a monthly event featuring presentations of and feedback on artistic research projects from practitioners at the Center’s member institutions. The goal is to work across all the institutions and create a transdisciplinary forum for constructive discussion and support of ongoing as well as completed projects. Each forum will feature two presentations, followed by introductory comments and questions from a respondent with expertise in, or relevant related knowledge of, the given field. A further respondent will have the possibility to contribute as well before the discussion is opened up to all participants. The conversation is informal and non-confrontational with the sharing of knowledge as its main purpose.

Keywords of the first Forum: dialogical working processes, re-interpretation, co-creation.

Featured project presentations:
1. In Dialog with Bach by Prof. Henrik Brendstrup, The Royal Academy of Music.
Main respondent: Prof. Niels Rosing-Schow, Royal Danish Academy of Music.

2. Semper Plus Ultra/always further beyond by Rikke Lund Heinsen, The Danish National School of Performing Arts.
Main respondent: Michael Breiner, The Danish National School of Performing Arts.

The Forum is held as a Zoom-meeting open to students and staff at the center’s institutions.
Questions about participation can be directed to
Please also see our call for project presentations in the Forum, which is open to all KUV / Artistic Researchers at the institutions.

24/02/2021 - 25/02/2021