Enhanced Practice: Call

10/06/2021 - 29/07/2021

Enhanced Practice: Call

Application deadline: July 29th (midnight)

Apply here.

Enhanced Practice is a new transdisciplinary artist development and mentorship program for artists who have recently graduated from one of the seven national institutions for higher art education in Denmark. It is organized by the cross-institutional International Center for Knowledge in the Arts to give young artists across music, film, performing arts and visual arts possibilities for developing their practice in research-based, collaborative and socially engaged ways. For the first run of this 9-month program, we are particularly looking for candidates who wish to engage with the theme of Transformation & Interdependence, which broadly addresses the challenges of art, society and culture in a pandemic and post-pandemic time.

As a participant in this program, you will be appointed an individual mentor from a cultural institution and/or context relevant to your practice and follow a series of modules common to all the applicants including lectures and workshops. The goal is to support the development of sustainable working methods for artists who increasingly need to situate themselves in a hybrid cultural field that does not necessarily conform to established genres and disciplines. The program gives you the possibility to seek out a research-based, long-term and collaborative artistic practice that interacts with the surrounding society while keeping a focus on artistic development.

Overall, it aims to:

  • Contribute to artistic development from a trans- and/or post- disciplinary perspective.
  • Strengthen the participating artists in developing a sustainable and collaborative practice.
  • Increase the participants’ knowledge about artistic development and research methodologies.
  • Provide young artists tools and perspectives to navigate their possible careers in a complex post-pandemic cultural landscape.
  • Expand the interfaces between art and other fields.

Theme: Transformation & Interdependence

The current pandemic moment has exposed the vulnerability of the interconnected global world system as well as heightened the awareness of ecological crisis. How can artists respond to and be part of much needed and interconnected transformation processes in culture, economy, technology and the environment? The overall theme of Transformation & Interdependence suggests that any sustainable transformation process by necessity occurs as interconnected and collaborative. We invite the participants to map and rebuild structures of interdependence, both within their own artistic practice as well as in their interaction with other societal fields. The goal is to develop transformations of scale and methodology in artistic practice that correspond to a hybrid cultural landscape.


The program will run from September/October 2021 to May 2022 for 10 selected artists. A second call will be published in 2022.

Format & Expected Outcomes

Within the framework of mentoring, (peer)-exchange and process-documentation the selected participants will over the course of the 9 months develop and enhance a ‘program statement’ for their practice – a direction and method of their artistic work going forward. The statement’s focus is on artistic development and methodology but with an open-ended outome as the end goal is not a final artwork or production but a further development of practice.

The final statement can be demonstrated through work-sketches, text, sound, video, performance etc. and will be presented at the end of the program in a public forum.

Participants will also be invited to partake in the International Center for Knowledge in the Arts additional activities focusing on artistic research and development.

Application process

You apply with a first draft of your ‘program statement’, which describes the intention and direction of your artistic development drawing on your current practice and relating to the overall theme Transformation & Interdependence. This draft version of the program statement is preliminary, and should function as a declaration of intent for further artistic development.

A key criteria in the selection will be the potential for further developing the draft within the course of the program as well as the transdisciplinary focus or direction.

Formal criteria

The program is open for artists who have graduated within the last year (class of 2020 and 2021) and who are motivated to unfold their practice across genres and artistic formats and interested in a collective dialogue with the other participants.

You must be able to attend the program, which unfolds with varying intensity, over the 9 months. It will be possible to adjust the individual mentorship-module to other activities and projects you might be working on. The common modules will be held on fixed dates.

You must have graduated from one of the following Schools:
The Royal Danish Academy of Music
Rhythmic Music Conservatory
The Royal Academy of Music
Danish National Academy of Music
National Film School of Denmark
The Danish National School of Performing Arts
The Royal Danish Academy of Arts

How to apply:

Applications can be submitted in both Danish and English. Please note that the program will be held mainly in Danish.

Applications should include:

  • Short personal motivation letter for being part of the program (max. 300 words)
  • Draft for artistic ‘program statement’ (max. 500 words) that describes your present practice and the direction you wish to develop it in and how this development relates to the overall theme. Also, include any thoughts on specific contexts/qualifications you see relevant for your development process (organizational, technical etc.)
  • Full CV and short bio note (bio max. 200 words)
  • Portfolio (max. 4 pages) – you can include links to video/sound work if relevant

Applications are submitted online.
Please note that we use Statens e-rekruttering for applications in line with GDPR-rules. So don’t be confused when meeting the application form.

The deadline for application is July 29, 2021. The selected artists will be notified by the end of August.

Apply here.


The 10 artists for the program will be selected by a jury consisting of:

Bjarke Svendsen: artistic director of ALICE and previously SNYK
Liv Helm: artistic director of Husets Teater, initiator of TOASTER and founder of HAUT
Pernille Skov: director of CAKI, entrepreneurship and artistic innovation
Kristoffer Gansing: professor and head of the International Center for Knowledge in the Arts, previously transmediale, Berlin

For questions please write to Coordinator Annemette Friis: ep@artisticresearch.dk

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10/06/2021 - 29/07/2021