Invitation – ANMAtalks presents – Thor Madsen – Performance Machine


Invitation – ANMAtalks presents – Thor Madsen – Performance Machine

In this ninth edition of ANMAtalks, we give the floor to Thor Madsen who will present his artistic research project Performance Machine. Thor is a guitarist and teacher at the Danish National Academy of Music. 

The session takes place on Friday the 25th of February from 10-10:45 CET on zoom. 

In Performance Machine, Thor Madsen investigates interactions between human and computer with the aim of developing a new kind of solo performance where human and computer are in dialogue with each other. The music that is played affects the computer’s output which then affects what is being played etc. A feedback loop is created between human and computer which is the foundation of their interaction. 

In this process a number of interesting questions arise:

What is meaningful feedback? What happens with the guitar playing when the guitar simultaneously becomes the instrument and controller? How does it affect the guitar playing that the reaktion from the computer has to be achieved through playing rather than triggered by a button? Can some of the rules for the interaction between human and computer be transferred to the communication between people? And can we gain more knowledge about how people interact musically through this process? 

Join the presentation and find out! 

ANMAtalks is an initiative for sharing knowledge between students, staff, and management of the Nordic and Baltic academies for higher music education and anyone else who might be interested. ANMAtalks is initiated by the ANMA ExCom and is being developed by Keld Hosbond (Vice Principal at RAMA) and Camilla Overgaard (Project Coordinator of ANMA talks).  

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