Artistic Research at RMC
Tuesday Feb 2nd:
13.00 – 15:00 Talk by Prof. Salomé Voegelin, artist, researcher and writer, engaged in listening as a political practice. Salomé will present some of the ways that artistic practice, and particularly sonic practices, can further conventional/taxonomical knowledge processes, softening disciplinary boundaries and advocating more hybrid collaborations that challenge epistemological givens and expand what we can know. She will emphasize the role of art in asking relevant and necessary questions on the global challenges of today (COVID, Climate Change, social integration, political migration, populism, etc.). Salomé: “I think the future will bring more complex responsibilities for artists and musicians, but therefore also new opportunities to bring their particular sensibilities and competencies into play, inside and outside the actual making of music and art.“
Moderated by JLA
Wednesday 3rd
13:00 – 15:00: Artistic Research presentations by Magda Mayas & Torben Snekkestad, presenting their own recent AR projects. Magda Mayas graduated from the Swedish “Kontnarlig Doktorant” Ph.D programme recently, with the thesis “Orchestrating Timbre” – Torben Snekkestad finished the Norwegian programme sometime ago with “Poetics of a Multiphonic Landscape” –  – and has started a new AR project, “Traversing Sonic Territories”, last summer. They will both talk on their methods, intensions, content, planning, findings, etc. in relation to these large scale research projects.
Thursday February 4th
9-11: Talk, “On the Future of music”, by Ulrich Krieger, via zoom from L.A. Ulrich Krieger, professor for composition and experimental sound practices at the California Institute of the Arts, has worked with a.o. Lou Reed, Phil Nibloch, Merzbow and Zeitkratzer. He has written a chapter in the January 2021-release of John Zorn’s book series Arcana, with the title On the Future of Music, which he will convert into a talk for us.
Moderated by JLA