Artistic Research Forum


Artistic Research Forum

Welcome to this year’s last Artistic Research Forum, the 30.11, 15-17. Here we can look forward to an insight into the following projects:

Conceptual practices from visual arts as a methods in theater

Barbara Wilson (DDSKS)

Respondent: Christina Marie Jespersen (BKS)

Digital Materialities 

Karen Harsbo (BKS)

Respondent: Rasmus Ölme (DDSKS)

The Artistic Research Forum takes form as a recurring event featuring presentations of and feedback on artistic research projects from practitioners at the Center’s member institutions. The goal is to work across all the institutions and create a transdisciplinary forum for constructive discussion and support of ongoing as well as completed projects.

This Forum will take place at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Kongens Nytorv 1, Room: “Den Gule Risalit”. Participation via Zoom is also possible. If you are interested please contact 

Artistic Research Forum 2022:
D. 27/4, kl. 15-17 med Laura Navndrup Black (DDSKS) and Søren Kjærgaard (RMC)
D. 22/6, kl. 15-17 med Niels Rønsholdt (DJM) and Jeppe Lawaetz (DDSKS)
D. 28/9, kl. 15-17 med Nikolaj Hess (RMC) and Anders Mathiasen  (RMC)
D. 30/11, kl. 15-17 med Barbara Wilson (DDSKS) and tbc