Semper Plus Ultra/always further beyond
2019 - 2020

This pilot project challenges the established truths of institutional production approaches, pushing back the frameworks that shape the field of performing arts. Through process-oriented explorations undertaken in activist, anti-hierarchical spaces, the project explores new foundations and methods for artistic processes.

The efforts to create new methods of working concern questions of identity and people as a self-referencing system. Constructivist theory offers up the idea that identity (in the singular) holds us in place, while identities (plural) provide opportunities to construct and negotiate identities. The self-referencing system creates challenges in terms of seeing the world on the basis of new logics and rationalities. This is the wellspring of my dream of a broad spectrum of anti-hierarchical and activist workspaces. The anti-hierarchical workspace welcomes and accommodates the participants’ other fields of expertise, specialties and knowledge.

The project is developed in collaboration with musician Tania Ballentine, costume designer Charlotte Østergaard and stage designer and scenographer Sara Topsøe-Jensen.