2014 - 2015

A project by Peter Danstrup on the subjects of composition, arrangement and recording involving a group consisting of six musicians (three male, three female): vocals, flute, cello, piano, bass and drums.

The project aimed to explore the possibilities inherent in the line-up and gender balance of music projects, to pursue new notational methods and to strive for a densely textured, intense mode of musical expression.


Read the project report:


‘Holy, Sacrified’ (mp3) (lyrics, pdf) (score, pdf)

‘Jesus was Born in a Refugee Camp’ (mp3) (lyrics, pdf) (score, pdf)

‘Me and My Guardian Angel’ (mp3) (lyrics, pdf) (score, pdf)

‘Sing Like an Angel’ (mp3) (lyrics, pdf) (score, pdf)

‘Went Down to the River’ (mp3) (lyrics, pdf) (score, pdf)