Hierachical composition
2016 - 2017

In this project, a range of technical and theoretical dogmas were applied to the composition of electronic music. Particular emphasis was placed on John Cage’s ‘gamut technique’, where fixed harmonies or chords (known in this project as ‘harmony-banks’) are created and subsequently combined by chance. For this research, the technique is turned upside down: Cage’s arbitrary coincidences are made the subject of calculations and used in a programme designed for this purpose. These are supplemented by myriad harmony banks that create sounds via multi-timbral midi commands for various electronic instruments.

Could such compositional framework provide new inspiration and perhaps even help to discover new musical territory, or will such a dogmatic approach be perceived as an unnecessary obstacle in the creative process?

The music is released on the album Urodela (Escho 2019 / ESC113)

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