SARS conference 7-9 April


The 12th SAR Conference on Artistic Research invites submissions that relate to the three attractors care, dare and share. It will be the first SAR conference organized as a live online event. Applicants are welcome to respond to the challenges of live online conferencing in a creative way. We are calling for artistic researchers to present their work, processes, methods, discoveries, knowledge interventions, new insights, understandings, and to engage in exchange—in actions and words, in complex and simple, conventional and unconventional, robust and fragile ways.


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Artistic Research Week – Oslo National Academy of the Arts, 25-28 Jan


Oslo National Academy of the Arts organizes a week focusing on artistic research from 25 to 28 January. The digital programme consists of workshops, presentations, round-table discussions, screenings, exhibitions, artist talks etc.

Hospitality Vulnerability     Vitality

One of the most important tasks we have this year is to find ways to own and to express agency through the challenges that have surfaced as new variables in our practices, our every day, and how we relate to the world.

“Hospitality Vulnerability Vitality” sets the framework for “openness” in the face of challenges, in the reception of causal effects from the unexpected, and in allowing for multiple perspectives. It speaks to visions and processes that are inherent to artistic practice, and the positive impact and invigoration that can be achieved when adopted as a strategy for forging new artistic ground.

Artistic research is an integrated part of the activities at Oslo National Academy of the Arts and plays a central role in forging a unified artistic community. The Artistic Research Week aims to contribute to a wider understanding of the nature of artistic research, to showcase what is being developed, and how this research relates to the greater disciplinary and socio-cultural contexts. It also aims to  increase the discursive level on artistic research, through sharing experiences, insights and knowledge that is generated through practice-based research with faculties, students and a wider audience.

This year’s Artistic Research Week activities are open to the public online only. The registration is now open!


Hospitality Vulnerability     Vitality

En av de viktigste oppgavene vi har i år er å finne måter å eie og uttrykke vårt virke gjennom de nye utfordringene som har dukket opp som variabler i vår praksis, vår hverdag og hvordan vi forholder oss til verden. «Hospitality, Vulnerability, Vitality» setter rammeverket for “åpenhet”. Vi står ovenfor nye utfordringer, ser nye årsakssammenhenger fra det uventede, og dette tillater oss å se ting fra flere perspektiver. «Hospitality, Vulnerability, Vitality» snakker til visjonene og prosessene som er iboende i kunstnerisk praksis, den positive og oppkvikkende påvirkningen som kan oppnås når visjonen brukes som strategi der ny kunstnerisk praksis smis.

Kunstnerisk utviklingsarbeid og forskning er en integrert del av aktivitetene ved KHiO, og spiller en sentral rolle i oppbygningen et samlet kunstnerisk miljø. Med forskningsuken har vi som målsetting å bidra til en bred forståelse for kunstnerisk utviklingsarbeid og forskningens «essens» for å vise frem hva som er under utvikling og hvordan forskningen relaterer til større disiplinære og sosiokulturelle kontekster. Med forskningsuken ønsker vi å styrke diskusjonen om kunstnerisk utviklingsarbeid gjennom å dele opplevelser, innsikter og kunnskap som er generert gjennom praktiskbasert forskning med avdelinger, studenter og et større publikum.

Arrangementene på årets Kunstnerisk forskningsuke vil kun holdes gjennom en KHiO-sentralisert online “hub”.

Du kan registrere deg her.


The Postresearch Condition


Welcome to the 2021 EARN/NWO Smart Culture Conference – January 26 – 30, organized in collaboration with HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, NWO (Dutch Research Council), and BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht. Scroll down for the full programme of talks and workshops plus information about how you can participate. Registration deadline is January 8, 2021.



After an omnipresent “Research Decade,” the concept of artistic research currently seems to be in need of a recharge. Pressing questions are: Should we talk about a postresearch situation or a postresearch condition? Could this be compared with how poststructuralism relates to structuralism as its philosophical comprehension and the elaboration of its consequences? And how could a postresearch condition address contemporary art practices?

To answer these questions, it is important to start from the three conceptual spaces that fundamentally determine what we mean by research: creative practice (experimentality, art making, potential of the sensible); artistic thinking (open-ended, speculative, associative, non-linear, haunting, thinking differently); and curatorial strategies (topical modes of political imagination, transformational spaces for encounters, reflection and dissemination) – and to comprehend these spaces in their mutual, dynamic coherence as a series of indirect triangular relationships.

From whatever conceptual space one departs, an artistic research practice could signify a transversal constellation – as a creative proposition for thought in action. Yet, that mode of research could never be reduced to a method of one of the three constituents. Thus, artistic research cannot be equated with creative innovation, disciplinary knowledge production, or political activism. It seems urgent now – and this is the starting point of this conference – to profoundly challenge and question the issue of how to articulate and present the condition of the intersection between the three conceptual spaces. For this purpose, an intensive program of workshops, presentations, propositions, screenings, and publications has been developed.


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RESEARCH WEEK 2021 – Stockholm University of the Arts, 19-22 Jan

Welcome to SKH’s digital Research Week 19–22 January 2021.

During the week, artistic research and development projects are presented by doctoral students and senior researchers at SKH.

The purpose of the Research Week is to share, experience and exchange the many different approaches to, and perspectives on the artistic research happening at SKH. The week actively develops the SKH’s community, providing a perfect opportunity for the entire student and staff body to experience, participate in, learn about and contribute to our growing research culture. Please try to attend as many events as possible across all four days. Research Week is also open to the public.

Participants 2021

19 January

Jan Rosén
Katarina Lion
Annika Notér Hooshidar
Alejandro Bonnet
Josefine Wikström
Eli Bø och Katrin Brännström
Aleksandra Czarnecki Plaude
Alexander Skantze

20 January

Itte Lundgren
Ulrika Tenstam
Wilhelm Carlsson
Klas Dykhoff
Gunilla Pettersson
Camilla Reppen

21 January

John-Paul Zaccarini
Erik Gandini
Bengt Bok
Tinna Joné
Ylva Gustavsson
Rebecca Hilton, Ellen J Røed
Eli Bø

22 January

Costanza Julia Bani
Ellen J Røed
Anja Susa

In addition, SKH’s new PhD candidates will present themselves and their research.

When and where:

The presentations will either be live-streamed or take place on Zoom.

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Aesthetic Relations – online conference


The global pandemic has caused unprecedented regulations of the choreography of our everyday lives. Attention has been drawn to the intimate relations we form with people and things; to the delimitations of public spaces; and to the very air we breathe. In parallel with the threat of viruses and the constraints of lockdowns, the protests of Black Lives Matter along with anti-racist movements overthrowing statues of colonial and imperial history, have shown the necessity of reconfiguring spatio-temporal relations – also within the aesthetic field.

Today, as we continue to be faced with a global pandemic that challenges established social forms and reinforces inequities of classed and gendered hierarchies and imperial racism, the complicity of aesthetic representations powering such structures is becoming increasingly obvious. On this backdrop, we have asked accomplished colleagues from across disciplines to reconsider the concept and power of aesthetic relations.

Programme, further details and registration

Booklet with abstracts (pdf)

The conference is organized by Solveig Daugaard, Rasmus Holmboe, Mathias Overgaard and Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt from the New Carlsberg Foundation research centre Art as Forum, University of Copenhagen.

ARCtalks with Kristoffer Gansing 27.01.20


ARCtalks is a series of panel discussions moderated by Hannes Andersson, where members of the Artistic Research Community together with invited guests from various context share their research, processes and thoughts on relevant topics.

For this 1st session of the online ARCtalks, we are happy to welcome Kristoffer Gansing (Professor of the newly formed ‘International Center for Knowledge in the Arts’ (and former Artistic Director of the Transmediale festival) to share his thoughts on artistic research in a panel discussion together with ARCers Hermen Maat and Simona Kicurovska, who will present their research and share their views on empathy and embodiment.


Date & Time: 27. 01. 2021, 10 h.


For more info and registration:
ARCtalks1 with bios & general info


The talk is organized by The Artistic Research Community in the North (ARC) which is a dialectic umbrella organization for explorative research-creation, composed by a network of researchers and knowledge institutions in the north of the Netherlands.

KuvA Research Days 7–9.12.2020 at Uniarts Helsinki


KuvA Research Days 7–9.12.2020

The sixth edition of KuvA Research Days, arranged by the Academy of Fine Arts at Uniarts Helsinki, addresses a highly complex and heterogeneous set of framing conditions of knowing, learning, thinking and being together. As it happens, the question of framing conditions also affects the event itself. This time the onsite, live participation to Kuva Research Days, at the Exhibition Laboratory gallery (Merimiehenkatu 36, Helsinki), is limited due to COVID-19 virus regulations, but parts of this three-day event can be experienced online as well.

All participants (both on site and online) are asked to register their participation via an online form. The deadline is Thursday December 2, 2020.Please note that the times given in the schedules are in Finnish time (Finland). Please also note that some of the individual parts of the Days program is in Finnish.

Register here 

Read program

Welcome also to participate and/or explore the documentations of the event to be published afterwards through the Uniarts Helsinki’s Research Catalogue portal.

Look at the Uniarts Helsinki Research Catalogue portal here
The last exhibition at the Exhibition Laboratory this autumn is hosted by the Doctoral programme at the Academy of Fine Arts. Doctoral trainee Jack Faber curates the exhibition Cooking for the Apocalypse that is open 20.11–9.12.2020. The exhibition deals with questions concerning our relationship with the environment and other species. The exhibition shows works by students, teachers, and other guest artists.

Look at Cooking for the Apocalypse Facebook event 

Read more about the exhibition Cooking for the Appocalypse   

Image: Kalle Hamm, Fantasy Being Devoured by the She-tiger, 2020.


Artistic Research in the Firing Line (seminar)


Seminar at the new collegium, Öresund Collegium for Artistic Research.

Date: 24 September 2020 10:00 to 12:30

Full program:

Day of research – online


Because of the corona virus this years Day of research will be held online.
Lectures from the Academy will present some of their research projects.
The event is open online for the public.

Exhibition by Honey Biba Beckerlee


Can be seen: LOKALE (Griffenfeldsgade 27, 2200 Chp.N.) from April 22 to May 4. And OG at Alt:cph on the Fabric for Art and Design Fabrikken for Kunst September 2020 and KH7Artspace December 2020.

Associated PhD Fellow, Aarhus University School of Communication and Culture and associated PhD fellow Contemporary Aesthetics and Technology
Phd titel Digital Matters
Phd Periode 1. September 2018 – 31. August 2021

Job: Professor within visual arts, film, music and performing arts


Acting on behalf of the Ministry of Culture’s seven institutions of higher artistic education within the
fields of visual arts, film, music and performing arts, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts is
looking for a professor.

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