International Center for Knowledge in the Arts. Initial Symposium
24/10/2019 - 25/10/2019 @ 10:00-18:00

It is a great pleasure to open this symposium inaugurating the International Center for Knowledge in the Arts. The two-day event will present, discuss and implement past and future approaches to knowledge production in and from the various fields of the arts in Denmark.

The symposium addresses selected key areas of artistic research relevant to the center’s future work with knowledge in the arts: 1 Artistic Connectivity and Networked Knowledge in the Arts 2 The Transformative Condition of Research through the Arts 3 The Politics of Knowledge 4 Network of Disciplines in the Expanded Field of the Arts.

The new International Center for Knowledge in the Arts is founded by the Danish institutions of higher arts education and anchored at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. It is conceived as a place where common interests of the disciplines of fine arts, film, music and performing arts come together and where current issues relating to artistic research and transdisciplinary knowledge creation are put up for debate.


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