Bach’s well-temperred clavier and Goldberg Variations and the researchers’s own chromatic inventions

The researcher comments: ‘In my very thorough and fundamental work with Bach’s music, involving a reinterpretation of the masterpieces The Well-Tempered Clavier vol. 1, the Goldberg Variations and my own self-composed Chromatic Inventions (dedicated to Glenn Gould and Jan Johanson), a rigorous dogmatism infuses the methodology chosen’.


‘The works were to be recorded in accordance with Bach’s own compositional approach, which means that the form, articulation, trills, melodic directionality, recitative-related aspects, ambiguous rhythmic and harmonic complexity, understanding of mathematical subdivisions and respect for the horizontal and vertical dimensions in music should be included and provide the basis for my personal interpretations’.


Listen to an interview with Carsten Dahl on the project here: